Energy Alliance Technologies Co Ltd was formed to introduce the island to all the possible alternative energy solutions which are available on the market along with the traditional solar panels.

Energy Alliance Technologies Co Ltd has strategically combined and teamed up with an Italian company with 20 years experience in the alternative energy market to service the Maltese islands with the latest technology available.

Our alliance with strategic partners like SunTech, Solar World, as at present and others in the near future will help you, the customer, make a firm decision on the product.

Our prime objective on inception was to answer a fundamental question – which is the best solar panel surface in the market and how can we forward the message to the client so one can be informed in the clearest way possible?

Indeed this is not something that can be answered easily and knowing that technology in this era is moving on so fast, the learning curve never ends.

On this note, Energy Alliance Technologies is committed to adjusting to the evolution, keeping in mind the price at which we offer our services.

Our dedicated team will take care of all your needs and answer all the questions you might have throughout this experience. A promise that will be kept throughout.

Our mission, on the other hand, is to help improve the environment you live in starting with your home and hopefully the ones around you, with your encouragement knowing that our service has been a positive one and will also be so to those that will need to become part of a cleaner, greener neighborhood.

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